arrsm Funding for Acquisitions, MBOs, MBIs, BIMBOs and all
    other types of Corporate Finance Transactions

With our corporate finance experience we are well able to provide advice on funding streams to cover:-

  • Transaction Price Debt Funding
  • Working Capital Facilities
  • Asset Finance Requirements
  • Deferred Consideration Elements
  • Unsecured Cash Flow Loans
  • Loan Guarantee Scheme

We are also able to advise on suitable levels of transactional gearing and firms to provide the usual financial and legal due diligence.


arrsm Management Information Systems

This is a key issue for any business owner as good quality management information systems are fundamental in business planning, strategic thinking and raising finance.

All too often we are called in to look at a business struggling with a particular set of financial issues and our general consensus is that the business owner does not have a clear view of his overall business activity including sales volumes, production efficiency, debtor controls, creditor position including Crown arrears, etc, etc.

From all of our business strategy and planning meetings we have developed a saying -

      “to get a man out of a hole, you first have to stop him digging”. 

Management information systems can be wide and varied with Quickbooks and Sage leading suppliers of appropriate software but just buying the systems are not a panacea for such a fundamental issue.

Our involvement includes assessing the business case and formulating appropriate systems to provide simple, cost effective solutions that the management can use, understand and assist with all aspect of their planning processes.


arrsm Bad Debt Problems

Many businesses suffer bad debts or particularly slow payment from major customers which can have a huge negative effect on profitability and cash flow. Once a bad debt has been suffered it will be too late to do anything about that particular customer but it can be the spring board to re-assess overall client creditworthiness. We have access to a range of funding options and credit protection products that can assist working capital and peace of mind as follows:-

  • Sales Ledger Protection
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Factoring Facilities
  • Increased Overdraft Facilities
  • Property Refinance
  • Fixed Asset Refinance
  • Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme

We are here to help so give us a call, send a fax or e-mail or submit an online enquiry.

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